I could watch you for a lifetime
You're my favourite movie
A thousand endings
You mean everything to me
I never know what's coming
Forever fascinating
Hope you don't stop running to me
Cause I'll always be waiting

You are
My cinema
I could watch you forever
Action thriller
I could watch you forever
You are
My cinema
A Hollywood treasure
Love you just the way you are
My cinema
My cinema

The stars spell out your name
Like in a science fiction drama
A romance growing
Like a flower in the summer
Always keep me guessing
Forever my wonder
Hope you start undressing
All my dreams and take me under

Don’t look at the stars tonight
Don’t look straight into the light
(I can’t take my mind off —
Everything you do)

You’re image is burned in my eye
(All I see is you)
More beautiful than real life


L'amore può sopravvivere una vita
(Love will survive a lifetime)

I live my life like I am writing a story
And my heart is the narrator
It's not a mystery
But as much as you mean to me
You'll only end up being a line line line

Another fallen poet on the tracks
Sometimes the truth can cuts me like a razor
Our fortune's faded
And there's no way we can get it back
But somehow everything will be fine fine

And deep down I believe that love is
Kind kind kind kind
We're one of a kind
Our love is on the line
I understand
Love should be easy
I wish we could have made it work
But it was broken from the beginning

It's alright our love is on the line
God knows we tried to guard it
It’s so hard to watch it die in the dark
Knowing we did all we could to revive it
I'll be sad to part but I'm glad we started

It's alright our love is on the line
God knows we tried to guard it
Nothing left to preserve or protect
I see a new beginning
Now the end has started

You once said
Our love was like a cartoon
Well somebody shot the animator
We tried our best
Did everything we could have done
But everything comes to an end end
But deep down I believe
This kingdom is
Kind kind kind kind

We're two of a kind


Here I am again
Not where I want to be
But it's where I land
Time and time again

It's over now
This didn't work
Better luck next time maybe?
But if this didn't work
There won't be a next time for me

Oh I only lied at a time
When I thought that a lie
Would be alright

There you go again
Walking away from me
I've seen this scene in dreams
So much lately
Can't close my eyes
Cause I've got to see you
As much as I can
’Til you leave me
Now I've gotta go
Wherever this road takes me

I only lied at a time
When I thought that
A lie would be alright

When you say it too much
Does it lose it’s meaning?
If you feel it too much
Do you lose the feeling?

Did we lose the feeling?


If there's a god protect my faith
cause I'm losing it
I fall in love but feel alive
when I am losing it
The shock I get - electric hit -
when I am losing it
My cold black heart sparks to life
with new blood in it
So I run as fast as I can
run to the edge of town
Try to shake it off and sweat it out
before I turn around

I remember
There's no free ride for anyone
When you’re hurting
You know that you're living
And remember
The same sun shines on everyone
For the feeling

I want my heart broken again

Kiss my face and tell me straight
that you want out of here
That you wont look back won't look back
until you're free and clear
When you’re too far gone to remember anything

Miles away from the lies
What do I do now
I’ve forgotten how to feel
I’d do anything to feel something



God I feel so heavy
You’ve been weighing down on me
Caught up in some panic
Don’t you hear me falling
Now I’m on the other side of love
I see it for what it really was
And from the other side of love
I know I wasn’t good enough
Now we’re on the other side of love
I see I never gave enough
I see it for what it really was
Now I’m on the other side of love
Feeling so unready
For what’s waiting for me

You tangle my heart
Aren’t we in a funny place
Tangled up in worry, funny

So this is how you leave it
You lighten up my spirit
Only you can lighten up my spirit
Once more before you leave it
Lighten up my spirit


How much do I need to be happy?
I've been pouring my heart out
And no one's noticed
I'm creating a world I can live in
One where everyone's
Loving and forgiving

Should be keeping my cards
Close to my chest
'Cause when they know what you love
They know how to hurt you best
You can start to protest
But you can’t stop the process

I’ve been blindfolded and spun around
And I don’t know which direction to run

I'm wishing you a super future
It was never my intention
To hurt somebody
Maybe I’m not ready to lose you
But I’m wishing you a super future

You don't know who you want to be
Well you won’t find who you are
In another me
I'm on my path and running
And I can’t stop
'Cause you're not coming
So many electronic friends
Where will your evolution end

I'm wishing you a super future
It was always my intention
To hurt nobody
Maybe I'm not ready to lose you
But here's to a superfuture


We're torn between
What's right
And what's not
What's up
What's down
Left or right
Deep down
On top
Full stop
Exclamation mark
A hundred percent
Straight A's education
Job prospects
Lost objects
New possessions
New friends
Old lessons
New questions
Old answers
New message

Repeat sentence
Feel presence
Receive gestures
Learn more
Seek blessings
Seek forgiveness
Seek freedom
Seek vengeance
Meet god
Meet satan
Be full of life
Be vacant
Flee danger
Be braver
Keep changing
Be a changer
Be popular
Be a stranger
Do favours
Be selfish
Share riches

Be homeless
Be selfless
Be careless
Be you
Be them
Be anyone
Be an enemy
Be a friend
But beware
Be careful
Be reckless
Be reserved
Be respected
Be flamboyant
Be rejected
Be loved
Be neglected
See sense
See nonsense
See lies
See honesty
See properly
See poorly
See tarnished
See quality

See policy
See corruption
See violence
See peace
See illusion
See fact
See money
See free
We breathe
We gasp for air
We live
We die
We exist
We make a difference
We laugh
We cry
We try
We give up
We fail
We succeed
We lie
We cheat
We celebrate
We grieve